1. Bed Bug Coalition report

BED BUG TASK FORCE Meeting Wednesday June 17, 2011 – Minutes

Very little happening as the Coalition is meeting but few decisions or actions have taken place or been finalized, except for the bed bug website and phone number. Dave Funk has gone to Toronto to examine methods being used there to deal with the BB infestation

Next meeting is June 30th

2. Social Planning Council

The SPCW has a contract with the Department of Healthy Living, Seniors and Youth to assist the Task Force and the Coalition to deal with the BB infestation. For $15,000 the SPCW will contract a consultant to research what Winnipeg residents need to deal with the infestation and to advise the government on what should be done. The contract is for three months and will end with a report to the Government in September.

Sue Hemphill has been hired to work on the contract and will be reporting on her work to the Task Force at each meeting. She will also be contacting individuals and agencies involved in dealing with the BB infestation. She will be gathering information on what residents Know about BBs, what their Attitude is about the infestation and what Practices are available for remedial action (this is a basic KAP research model).

We offered some suggested questions that could be part of her questionnaires; Have you had BBs? If so, how often? Did you know where to get help? How did you deal with the BBs?

How did you feel you found BBs in your place? Have you changed your habits to avoid BBs? Did you need to get help? Who helped you deal with the BBs? Are you more concerned or cautious now to avoid contact with BBs?

3. Information Sharing

Paula has been invited to All Saints Church to discuss BBs and what can be done about the infestation for their constituents. She will follow up.

4. Next meeting July 7th, 1:30 to 3:30 at SPCW.


Bed Bug Task Force Meeting Wednesday June 1, 2011 – Minutes

Paula Keirstead, Social Planning Council Board Mario Lopes, Professional Property Managers Association Kerri Scott, Resource Assistance for Youth Louis Ricciuto, Social Planning Council, Poverty Advisory Committee Member Karen Hoeft, Salvation Army Booth Centre Gord McIntyre, Winnipeg Renters Network Dennis Lewycky, Social Planning Council

Participant Update on Bed Bug Infestation

1. Attending

Salvation Army Have an established strategy; share information with staff, convenient instructions for action and practical suggestions on how to deal with BB Constantly helping residents cope with infestation of their rooms etc. Use chemical treatment to eradicate BB Conscious of importance of trained staff to use chemical treatments

Manitoba Renters Network Concerned with the unskilled people applying chemical treatment Have placed information for tenants on their www Getting and distributing the BB kits There is a proposal going to Neighbourhoods Alive to assist the neighbourhood associations in controlling BBs

Resource Assistance for Youth Are buying bedding and beds for residents ($300 from Hart Bedding) Spraying in designated units and training staff to do properly Collaborating with Manitoba Housing

Professional Property Managers Association (PPMA) Are helping landlords provide steel beds and leg dishes for tenants Producing ‘treatment guidelines’ for PPMA membersEncouraging landlords to use the Leon Wilder heat trailer method of eradication as it is convenient and inexpensive compared to other treatment methods

3. Report on Provincial Bed Bug Coalition and Strategy

The provincial action on the bed bug issue is rolling out since the funding and strategy announcement in April. Mario is the co-chair of the Coalition the government formed and Paula has been attending the Coalition meetings. So far, the government has;

Held a number of meetings of the Coalition and more will be held Produced a kit of resources available to residents and companies for $85 Launched http://www.gov.mb.ca/bedbugs/index.html for public information and education on how to deal with bed bugs.

4. Discussion on Provincial Funding/Contract

SPCW has submitted a proposal for government funding on behalf of the BBTF. When the contract is approved, a consultant will be hired and the SPCW will put more support into the work of the BBTF. The contract deliverables that have been proposed are:


Collect information from the network of the Social Planning Council and other community stakeholders about effective strategies to prevent and control infestation of bed bugs. Liaise with the Bed Bug Coalition, utilizing information and strategies undertaken by the Coalition and the Provincial Bed Bug Steering Committee, to inform and communicate with the public.

Provide provincial officials and the Collation with identified needs, ideas and suggestions about effective communication, prevention methodologies, and

education undertaken with respect to bed bug matters. Liaise with and advise provincial officials in the development of processes for affected communities to access low cost materials program, educational program, etc Provide provincial officials with relevant research related to prevention and control of bed bugs, generated by the Task Force and the SPCW. Provide a report to provincial officials about the above undertakings (1-6) at the end of the project period.