The Manitoba Department of Healthy Living has issued forms that will help residents get assistance in treating their homes for bed bugs.

Community Grants Program Application Form

Bed Bug Prevention Materials Form 2012


If you are unable to prepare for the chemical treatment for bed bugs, you may be able to hire a new local service.

Manitoba Green Retrofit can come to your home or apartment and get your place completely ready for treatment.

Call 586 5755 or e-mail manaitobagreenretrofit@gmail.com

Click here to download the StandardOperatingProcedure1 2 – Bug N Scrub Oct 12-2011 PDF

Updates for August

Bug and Scrub Program

If you need assistance preparing for treatments to rid your home of bed bugs, download and give this form to your case worker, someone in an organization familiar with your situation or to someone in one of the community organizations helping deal with the bed bug infestation. There is some assistance available for you.

PDF version Bug N’Scrub Request July

Word version Bug N’Scrub Request July 2011

Free Press article (Saturday August 13th) on reported bed bug infestations:


Bed Bug Kits Flyer

Bed Bug Prevention Materials Form 2011 FINAL with French

July 7 Minutes


Wednesday July 7th , 2011
1. Attending
Paula Keirstead, Social Planning Council Board
Mario Lopes, Professional Property Managers Association
Louis Ricciuto, Social Planning Council, Poverty Advisory Committee Member
Monique Patenaude, SPCW, Poverty Advisory Committee Member
Christine Samborski, North End Women’s Centre
Dennis Lewycky, Social Planning Council

2. Report on Provincial Bed Bug Coalition

  • The provincial action on the bed bug issue is rolling out slowly. Mario is the co-chair of the Coalition and noted what is being done now. So far, the government has;
  • Bulk ordering of the bb kits is underway, with information being sent out and the Manitoba Distribution Authority (MDA) prepared to facilitate the distribution.
  • A ‘bug and scrub’ program is now available to help individuals deal with BBs in their homes. An individual can get support, with the sponsorship of an organization, that will help pay for dislocation and treatment. Information is available at 1 855 362 2847 – the government’s BB Hotline.
  • A Coalition Coordinator is not yet been hired but someone is expected on the job by September.
  • The next meeting of the Coalition is August 4th

3. BBTF blog

SPCW has set up a Bed Bug Blog for the Task Force – go to http://www.spcw.mb.ca and the Bed Bug Blog button. There will be information for anyone on what is happening with the Task Force or the government programs. Each section of the Blog will also have a Reply button where readers can easily send questions or comments. The blog with be managed for the Task Force by the SPCW.

4. Community Consultation

The SPCW consultation, for the government has started.

  • Sue Hemphill has been hired and is setting up the events for the consultation
  • Different agencies are being contacted to be part of the consultation
  • Different survey tools are being developed so that information can be gathered from a diversity of groups
  • She will be reporting on consultation progress to the BBTF meetings
  • A final report on the consultation will be going to the government in September.

5. Next Meeting

Thursday August 11th, 2011 – 1:00 to 2:30 pm

Non-profit Grants, Prevention Materials Next Phase of Strategy:

Community-based, non-profit community organizations are eligible to
receive financial assistance to help with bedbug education, treatment,
management and prevention through the province’s new Bed Bug Grant
Program and specialized bedbug prevention materials will be made
available at reduced cost to qualifying organizations through the Bed
Bug Prevention Materials Program, Healthy Living, Youth and Seniors
Minister Jim Rondeau announced today.

“These new programs are vital pieces of our bedbug-prevention strategy,
providing supports to the people and organizations that need them most,”
said Rondeau. “This will help to prevent the spread of bedbugs and
ensure that infestations are identified and treated as quickly and
efficiently as possible.”

The Bed Bug Prevention Materials Program will offer a wide variety of
materials at attractive prices to qualifying organizations to help deal
with bedbug infestations, said the minister. Materials will include
bedbug-proof mattress and box-spring covers, insect monitors and record
keepers, insect interceptor traps, dissolvable laundry bags, bedbug
stickers and handouts, and clear-view bedbug monitors.

The program will be phased in to ensure supply meets demand, beginning
with the Manitoba Camping Association and the Manitoba Professional
Property Managers Association, the minister added.

“Each year, approximately 20,000 Manitoba children and youth attend an
accredited Manitoba summer camp,” said Bryan Ezako, executive director,
Manitoba Camping Association. “We want to ensure that their camping
experience is fun filled and unforgettable, and these low-cost
bedbugprevention resources are an important tool that will help to
ensure that camp days are comfortable and worry free.”

Under the $200,000 Bed Bug Grant Program, which is the first of its kind
in Canada, non-profit organizations will be eligible to recover from 50
to 100 per cent of costs related to bedbug treatment or prevention, to a
maximum of $2,000.

Rondeau noted that grants could go towards payment for an approved
integrated pest-management plan or for preventative equipment such as an
industrial dryer which, for example, could be used to heat-treat donated
second-hand clothing that could be given to needy families and
charitable organizations in the community.

Rondeau noted the new programs build on other bedbug strategies
including the recent launch of the bedbug hotline, e-mail address and
website, the formation of a bedbug coalition with representation from
more than 20 Manitoba organizations, and a marketing and education

Grant application forms or for more information is available at the
toll-free bedbug hotline at 18553MBBUGS (1-855-362-2847),
www.manitoba.ca/bedbugs or by email at bedbugs@gov.mb.ca.

Q:  What is the Bed Bug Grant Program?

A:   The Bed Bug Grant Program is a $200,000 initiative designed to provide assistance to community organizations on bedbug education, treatment, management and prevention.

Q:  Who is eligible for the Bed Bug Grant Program?

A:   Community-based, non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for financial assistance in the form of a grant.  The Canada Revenue Agency definition for non-profit organizations will be used.

Q:  How much assistance is available to organizations?

A:   Qualified organizations will be eligible to recover 50 to 100 per cent of costs related to bedbug treatment and prevention to a maximum of $2,000.

Q:  How will qualified organizations be compensated for their costs?

A:   Applicants will be required to submit receipts in order to be reimbursed.  Receipt must be directly related to the cost of treatment or prevention.  Only receipts dated after the grant application has been approved will be eligible for payment.

Q:  What types of bedbug treatment and prevention activities are eligible for grant funding?

A:   Activities and expenses may include, but are not restricted to:

The costs associated with hiring a professional pest-control firm to treat bedbugs or inspect for them.

Purchase of non-chemical controls and products used to prevent bedbugs such as mattress covers, storage containers, monitoring traps and double-sided sticky tape. Please note:  Self-treatment, if applied incorrectly, can be costly and ineffective and can lead to a spread of bedbugs to unsuspecting neighbours.  Professional extermination services are recommended.

Purchase or rental of equipment utilized for bedbug prevention and control.  Examples include industrial strength dryers, vacuums and spot steamers.

If there are questions about the eligibility of any treatment or prevention activities being planned, call the bedbug hotline.

Q:  How can my organization apply for a grant?

A:   For grant applications, call the bedbug hotline toll-free at 1-855-3MB-BUGS  (1‑855‑362‑2847).  The hotline operator will provide all of the necessary information.

Q:  What is the Bed Bug Prevention Materials Program?

A:   The program offers a wide variety of specialized bedbug specific materials to qualifying organizations at attractive prices to combat bedbug infestations.

Q:  What materials are available in the Bed Bug Prevention Materials Program?

A:   Materials include bedbug-proof mattress and box-spring covers, insect monitors and record keepers, insect interceptor traps, dissolvable laundry bags, bedbug warning stickers, educational handouts and clear-view bedbug monitors.

Q:  Who will have access to the Bed Bug Prevention Materials Program?

A:   The program will be phased in to ensure supply meets demand.  It will initially be available to the Manitoba Camping Association, the Manitoba Professional Property Managers Association and other qualifying organizations.

Q:  How can I find out more information about bedbugs and the provincial strategy on bedbugs?

A:   Call the toll-free bedbug hotline at 1-855-3MB-BUGS (1-855-362-2847), visit www.manitoba.ca/bedbugs or email bedbugs@gov.mb.ca.  The hotline is staffed by trained operators from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.